Delcam India - CADCAM Software Solutions for Industry

For over 30 years Delcam has developed products to aid in the production of complex shapes and tooling. It is now one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CADCAM software solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, electrical appliance, footwear, ceramics, packaging, signmaking, jewellery, toys and sporting equipment.

A recent report into the mold, tool and die sector from leading US industry analysts CIMdata found that Delcam are the No. 1 specialist CADCAM supplier in North America and Europe, and No.3 in Asia. Delcam has more than 125 local support offices in more than 80 countries spanning the world.

About Delcam India

Delcam in India started out with 3 employees, under the leadership of Mr Vineet Seth, who is now the Managing Director for Delcam India & Delcam Middle East. The technical team, most of who have been hand picked, was single handedly setup by Mr Pulak Mukherjee, who is now the Director for India (Sales & Support). Mr Minin Mascarenhas is responsible for the overall Operations spanning 10 locations in India. He has been instrumental in coordinating the setup of Delcam India's new Headquarters, which was inaugurated in April 2007.

Delcam Building Delcam India Family

The new Headquarters which has been constructed at a cost of about 1 million US Dollars has a seating capacity of 200 Full time Engineers, from various specializations. The building is equipped with the state-of-art Computer Infrastructure in terms of Domain Server, VPN, videoconferencing among others. In order to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted there are central installations of air conditioning and Unlimited Power backup in case of blackouts.

Delcam India currently employs over 65 Associates with various skill sets and vast experience in their respective domains.